Please meet the ‘Triple A Model’, designed to help navigate sudden change. Much of what I do when I’m facilitating, is to simplify the process of working through complexity, help people focus and take action on what’s most important and engage the collective brain. The Triple A model covers those bases to achieve positive outcomes.

Here’s a screen grab of the model…

Understanding the model:

Event. A sudden change event occurs, demanding immediate response and departure from BAU. Without response, negative impacts increase.

Adapt. Understand the new landscape that needs adapting to. Getting clear on your current reality and defining the new operating boundaries is important for prioritisation and decision making.

Adopt. Adopt strategies that will meet your priorities and respond to critical risks. This is where you plan and take action to respond to the situation.

Aspire. Aspire to overcome challenges. Plot key milestones. Tracking your progress in the short term is critical. Ask, ‘Where do we want to be tomorrow/end of week/month’ to install a sense of mission and set focus.

Outcomes. Build resilience from lessons learned. Seize new opportunities. Emerge stronger, wiser and better in a changed world.

Contact me for a PDF outline of the ‘Triple A Model’ and supporting notes

A few notes:

Background. The Triple A Model simplifies complexity to a workable ‘get started’ point and has a resolute solution focus. It’s influenced by working alongside the British Army, (late 90’s) and working on the Christchurch earthquake rebuild, blended too with 17 years experience as a Leadership Coach and Trainer.

Scale. The model can be scaled to take a business-wide view, team view or individual view.

Timing. Application can be immediately after an event to quickly develop a response plan OR a few days/weeks afterwards to regroup and broaden strategy within the new landscape. It can also be modified as a retrospective learning tool.

Need help?

There are plenty of pointers here for you to work with, but if you’re looking for some targeted facilitation and the Triple A Model makes sense, then let’s talk – I can facilitate by digital conference or in person depending on current restrictions.

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