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Why Leadership Intelligence is important.

Leadership operates in a landscape of change. As a leader, the eyes are on you to perform, navigate change and foster the best in people. But there’s seldom a text book, the pressure is high and how you influence the people around you is critical. With room for self-doubt, the way you think and behave as a leader determines success.

Who you are as a leader is critical. The science is clear. The difference between average and outstanding leadership comes down to how you operate as a leader. This training develops your ‘Leadership Intelligence’ through practical skills, tools and strategies that will grow your confidence to meet change and challenge.

From senior leaders to new leaders, business owners and thought leaders, over 200 people have completed the Leadership Intelligence training.  It’s a course for people who want to lead others well and make a real difference. Backed by science, this training develops who you are as a leader, both inside and out.


We understand how the brain learns and so we structure our trainings to ensure quality. This means the approach taken is more comprehensive and designed for life-long learning as opposed to 'tick-box-leadership-training'.

No Half Haircuts

Squeezing our bigger trainings into half-the-time, is a little like giving someone half a haircut. We just wouldn't do it! The brain is complex, sustainable results require a comprehensive approach that understands how the brain wires new information.

No Broad Brush

Broad brush leadership trainings attempt to cover too many themes and lack depth, meaning the application gets lost. Our trainings focus on specific leadership themes, so we can deep-dive into skills, methodology and robust application.

No One Gets Lost

Our open trainings have a maximum of twelve people on them, so no one gets 'lost in the crowd' and everyone gets the space to deepen their learning, have their needs met and engage fully in the training.


LEADERSHIP INTELLIGENCE is a brain-based training that develops the internal ‘operating system’ of outstanding leadership to meet change and challenge, lead people and create new possibilities.


Be an adaptive and confident leader. In this first part of the training, we look at the science that has established the difference between average and outstanding leadership. We look at that in terms of practical application and identify key leadership styles, relevant to you, that will increase how you adapt and navigate change, as a leader as well as influence others.


Leverage your strengths to perform at your best. Autonomy, mastery and purpose are the three cornerstones of motivation. But how does this translate into your drive as a leader and, along with your strengths and your values, how do you use these to lead at your best? In this part of the training, we identify and amplify your leadership DNA.


Lead with resilience and agility under pressure. All eyes are on you to lead, but let’s not forget, you’re human too. Part three of the training focuses on building resilience and agility, so that you can perform and lead in a sustainable way, even when the pressure is on. We master a number of mindset tools and identify life balance strategies that will work for you, that commonly feature in high performance sports.


Have vision and set the goals to succeed. So you’re a leader, so what? In part four of the training, you’ll answer this with clarity, adding to your mission as a leader with clear goals and a vision to lead with purpose. This defines the difference you want to make to the people around you, through your organisation. By the end of the training, you’ll have a tangible development roadmap to do so.

“One of the BEST trainings I’ve ever done”

How previous participants rate the Leadership Intelligence training.



“I would recommend this training to others”
18% Agree. 82% “Strongly Recommend”



“The training has been valuable & engaging”
21% Agree.
79% “Strongly Agree”



“I’m ready to apply the practical tools & skills”
18% Agree.
82% “Ready & Excited”



“One of the best trainings I’ve ever been on”
42% Agree.
58% “The BEST ever!”


What people who’ve done this training say.

Enlightening, transformational, practical and an opportunity not to be missed.

People & Capability Leader, Health Sector

We have put through 26 people from our division on the Communication Leadership training… We have seen people become far more collaborative and able to manage group approaches in very helpful ways… feedback from participants was the most positive across a wide range of people on their enjoyment of and outcomes from the course.

Derrick Westenra

Transpower, IT Manager

Blow your sox off – Another great course and positive experience again… Lots of practical, useable, understandable tools that you can take away and use. Excellent content and delivery. Empowering, excellent tools, grow your leadership skills in a practical and energetic way. Thanks Sav – another great course and positive experience again.

Prescott Jones

Statistics New Zealand, IT Manager

INVESTMENT | $3,250+gst.

  • Full Four Day Training
  • Post Training Resources
  • Fully Catered

  • 200+ Page Workbook
  • Management Feedback Loop
  • Skills-Check List

  • Embedding Strategies
  • Completion Certificate
  • Take-away Tool Templates

DISCOUNTS: 5% Early-bird discount when registered and paid two months in advance, 10% multiple person discount for three of or more people attending the same training from the same business, 20% discount when commissioning the course internally for a group of ten to twelve participants. Ask for more details.


Is this training the right one for me?

This is one of a few trainings I run, so do look at the others to make sure you select the right one for you. For Leadership Intelligence, do this training if you want to develop your own internal capability as a leader. Put differently, do this training if you want to develop greater confidence and determination, increase mental strength and stretch your own personal leadership.

What's the value for my employer?

Previous participants advocate this training based on both personal value and workplace value. In a nutshell, the greater your capability as a leader, the greater value you can add back at work. Specifically, participants report greater confidence through times of change, more resilience when things get hard and an improved ability to develop soltuons both independantly and collaboratively.

Will I find this training a challenge?
In short, if you’re not challenged by this training, I’m not doing my job. However, challenged to ‘stretch’ not ‘stress’. The goal is for you to leave this training excited by what you can achieve, which will potentially be more that you thought!

Why four days?
Four days is a chunk of time to be out of the workplace, but as with all my courses, I provide a quality experience not a tick box exercise. Leadership training works with the brain’s hardwiring and your hardwiring has be forming since birth (actually just before), and so if you want to achieve real development that’s sustainable, you need focused training that understands how the brain wires and rewires. A shorter training may tick the box, but I’d seriously question the quality.

How is the training structured?
Great question! Let me answer that using key principles that make up the structure…

1: Science base – You’ll hear the science behind each part of the content, not so much to feel lectured and academically drowned, but just enough to add to your insights and relate what you hear to your real life experience.

2. Form – As a leadership specialist, my training also includes Neuro Linguistics and brain-based training methodology. Broken down, it means I train according to how the brain learns … each part of the content is presented in terms of why it’s important, what the tool (or model or skill) is, how to apply it and how versitile it is. There’s a method here that makes it simple and accessible for you to have a comprehensive understanding of how a tool works and how to apply it.

3. Practical – Learn by doing. On my trainings you’ll be busy; I aim to minimise the ‘sit and listen’ parts and maximise ‘go do’ parts.

4. Layered training – This means that each part of the training connects to and builds on previous parts.

5. Meta training – In short, I model what I train as I’m training it … maximum sensory congruence!

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