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Outstanding Leadership

Forty-years of research defines what separates average from outstanding leadership; gain knowledge to apply this to everyday leadership.

Adaptive Leadership

Learn how and when to adapt your leadership style to effectively navigate a range of different scenarios.

Operate Above-the-line

Define benchmarks for your own leadership, model best practice to others and inspire people through your actions.

Influence to Enable

From neuroscience, apply five key principles that enables people to operate at their best.

Values & Drivers

See how your core values drive decision making, relationships and cohesion. Lead with greater intent.

Intrinsic Motivation

Know your intrinsic motivators; bolster autonomy, mastery and purpose to increase momentum.

Strengths Focus

From an evidence base, identify your strengths and leverage them to better meet change and challenge.

Manage Stress-Load

Apply strategies to stay calm under pressure, think clearly to access a fuller range of options.

Train Resilience

Develop a personal practice that increases your ability operate under pressure and reduce stress.


Increase Bounce-Back

Gear your mind to bounce-back from set-backs, and be a circuit breaker on bigger issues.

Avoid Caged Thinking

Recognise caged thinking and brain-bias, remove mental limitations and nurture a growth mind-set.

Instant Pre-Play

From sports psychology, use the instant pre-play strategy to create positive expectation.


Clear noise and drama, set yourself up to succeed, act on priorities, use time to maximum effect. 

S.K.E. Map

Kick off a plan that adds to your portfolio of skills, knowledge and experience. 

Visionary Leadership

Discover intentional leadership and create a vision for the impact you want to have as a leader.

Leave this training with greater command over your internal operating system to lead with confidence and consistently achieve your goals.

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