Since 2011, I’ve reduced my fees by over $125,000 for NGO’s and Not-for-Profit organisations, delivering leadership & collaboration solutions.

Purpose-Driven Leadership

NGO & Not-for-Profit Organisations have the same need for leadership development as any business or oragnisation, but not the same budgets …

… and so I’ve shaped my business to work with NGOs alongside my corporate clients and I have to say, I’m always inspired by the work they do!

In 2011 I worked with an NGO, providing leadership and team coaching on a pro-bono basis. I found their leadership needs to be identical to my business and corporate clients, yet their budgets – if they existed – were very small. Since then I’ve significantly discounted – or made free – my services to work with numerous NGO and Not-for-Profit Organisations here in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands… and it’s getting results. More businesses are becoming ‘for-purpose’, demonstrating a greater commitment to social and environmental good, being part of this is a powerful driver.

Supporting these good people, who do these great things.

If you have the opportunity to do one communication leadership course in your life, do this one! Practical skills learnt to apply in all situations both personal and professional.
Hannah Airey

Gap Filler

Communication Leadership gave me both the tools and a greater understanding of how to deal with conflict. I have found a number of applications of his methods and philosophy in my current position as Group manager Marketing and Communications for a non-Government Organisation. Our sector is underfunded and overstretched and with limited resources and many worthwhile demands conflict is inevitable. David’s course has given confidence to meet conflicts and find a way forward with the people involved. It is easy for  NGOs to become paralysed or at least unfocussed by competing demands and conflict resolution is key to keep the moving forward. David developed and communicated his concepts in an engaging and compelling way and those concepts have stayed with me.”
Phil Bilbrough

Group Manager Marketing and Communications, Royal Forest & Bird Protection Society of New Zealand

[Hiring David Savage] We required an expert leadership facilitator to work with all WWF staff in two separate all staff value building two day huis. David Savage also facilitated a joint Board and Staff session to build a positive sense of shared values and ways of working together. The shared values he helped us develop are truly ours and are a living, breathing part of our working life now, incorporated in our performance appraisals and referred to when we are faced with a shared dilemma or issue we need to resolve collectively. This was probably the most important all staff sessions we have had at WWF. It required expert facilitation to move us positively forward – thank you for providing that David.
Greg Millar

Acting Executive Director, WWF NZ

I think most of us find ourselves in the position of leadership without really planning to be there – so we are fumbling our way through not really having the knowledge or the learnt skills and dealing wth the consequences which cost both financially but more critically in time.

This is even more prevalent for me now when I am talking to people of authority that are way beyond my league about an issue that I and so many others care so much about – Climate Change.

How do I get others to find common needs that help us all agree to move forward on our commitments to make change? The Communication Leadership course has given me the assurance that I can do this confidently and that I can influence the decisions of those around me?

If you are in a position of needing to make changes fast, meeting your own and others needs while preserving relationships – this is the course to do – as soon as you can.

Laurie Foon

Wellington Regional Coordinator, Sustainable Business Network

Since attending the Communication Leadership training, I have been able to approach both training and managing staff in a much more productive and empowering way. This resulted in gaining staff attention and inspired much more interactive, reflective and effective learning – ‘full brain communication’! As a Manager of a team of 16 there are always challenges – this training has improved my communication and management of staff that has resulted in a stronger team expressing productive and effective decisions and solutions with confidence.
Sharon Allan

Practice Manager, Birthright

Sav created a visioning process to help us identify key areas that we wanted to take action on in the coming 1-3 years. Careful coaching and encouragement from Sav during the day brought out a plethora of feasible, possible, and blue sky mad ideas. Perhaps the most exciting outcome is that a number of the feasible ideas have already come into reality within the last six months and I can see a number of the mad ideas landing on the ground in the next year or so. Great process, group engagement, and dream catching.
Phil Squire

CEO, Sustainability Trust

David Savage was a plenary speaker at our conference on Communicating in an Age of Authenticity, in August 2016. His interactive session, involving conference participants taking part in an activity on the stage, was one of the highlights of the day. He very effectively demonstrated, though group work and eliciting ideas from the audience, how powerful collaboration can be. Importantly, he related what was happening in real time to the themes of the conference. David is a great communicator, engaging and energetic. I’d recommend his interactive session to bring conferences or sedentary events to life.
Rachel Brown

CEO, Sustainable Business Network

David is a knowledgeable, skilled and articulate presenter who is “quiet leadership” personified.  We would thoroughly recommend him as a speaker for any organisation.
Rose Coppen

Education Specialist, Professional Practice, Auckland Kindergarten Association

I have completed the Communication Leadership course with David and benefited a lot from what the course covered. The course was highly engaging and focused on practical tools that can be applied immediately. This course can help you succeed as a leader and I highly recommend this course to everyone.

Jana Sladka

Recovery Outreach Team Leader, New Zealand Red Cross

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