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“[David Savage] has provided us with the tools, mindset and drive to succeed, both as individuals and as a team.” – QA Manager

Team Formation

Fast-track your teams understanding of each others strengths. Establish common purpose. Set the right mindset and behaviours. Create the right conditions for effective collaboration.

For new teams | 1-Day Workshop


Team Performance

Check the mechanics of team collaboration. Set goals to remove performance interference. Leverage strengths and opportunities. Manage weaknesses and threats.

For teams wanting next-level performance | 1-Day Workshop


Performance Ecology

Look at the eco-system of performance. Identify the essential conditions needed for high-performance. Set key strategic activities to lift performance.

For HR and Performance Specialists | 1-2 Day Workshop


Change Adaption

Get to grips quickly with change. Understand your current reality. Identify how and where to adapt. Achieve what’s important within your new landscape.

For Teams/Organisations experiencing change | Half-Day/1-Day Workshop


Solution Session

Indentify the specifics of major problems. Establish practical needs. Develop fit-for-pupose solutions taking a collaborative approach.

For Teams and Organisations | Half-Day to 1-Day Workshop


The Great Egg Race

Put your team’s creative thinking to the test. Innovate to win. Race your eggs and build cohesion.

Team Building | Half-Day to 1-Day Workshop




1: Your Brief

Step one sees us get clear on your outcomes for the session, cover-off the logistics and sense-check which workshop will best work best. This provides everything needed to move on to step two.


2: Proposal

From the brief, I’ll create a proposal that outlines the session and details the activities I’ll run. We’ll then refine and finalise it together until you’re 100% confident it’ll meet your needs. At this point you decide to proceed (or not).


3: Delivery

With preparation and logistics complete, the workshop is delivered. Expect inclusion and robust conversation without a loss of focus or time wasted on tangents. Yet, if there’s a need to adapt to agenda, then adapt we shall!

4: Evaluation

Post session, we’ll reconnect to check your outcomes were met. I’ll share any insights and suggestions from the session and ask you for your feedback. I can also act as an informal soundboarding to help you get clear on next steps.


Phone 00 64 (0) 211 336 334 or send a message using this form.

  • Set up a free consultation to tell us about the session you’d like to run
  • We’ll identify the key outcomes you’d like to acheieve and then I’ll create a proposal for you to review
  • Remember, there’s no obligation – let’s book in a call to talk!

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