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“[David Savage] has provided us with the tools, mindset and drive to succeed, both as individuals and as a team.” – QA Manager

Team Formation

Fast-track your teams understanding of each others strengths. Establish common purpose. Set the right mindset and behaviours. Create the right conditions for effective collaboration.

For new teams | 1-Day Workshop | MORE


Collaboration Essentials

Check the mechanics of how your team collaborates. Identify and improve the essentials. Create an ‘on-the-pitch’ (not on the side lines) team culture.

For teams wanting next-level collaboration | 1-Day Workshop MORE


Performance Ecology

The “Performance Ecology” workshop aims to optimise high performance in organisations by creating the ideal conditions for staff to thrive and avoid burnout.

For HR and Performance Specialists | 1-2 Day Workshop | MORE


Change Adaption

Get to grips quickly with change. Understand your current reality. Identify how and where to adapt. Achieve what’s important within your new landscape.

For Teams/Organisations experiencing change | Half-Day/1-Day Workshop | MORE


Solutioneering Workshop

Indentify the specifics of major problems. Establish practical needs. Develop fit-for-pupose solutions taking a collaborative approach.

For Teams and Organisations | Half-Day to 1-Day Workshop | MORE


The Great Egg Race

Put your team’s creative thinking to the test. Innovate to win. Race your eggs and build cohesion.

Team Building | Half-Day to 1-Day Workshop | MORE




1: Your Brief

Send us your brief or line-up a chat and we'll clarify your outcomes.


2: Proposal

We'll then send you a proposal that we'll refine with you until you're 100% happy.



It's workshop time! Expect inclusion, focused effort and insights that lead to action!

4: Evaluation

Post session, we'll debrief to check on your outcomes, share insights and clarify next steps.


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  • Set up a free consultation to tell us about the session you’d like to run
  • We’ll identify the key outcomes you’d like to acheieve and then I’ll create a proposal for you to review
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