When it comes to training and coaching, take a few moments to get to know what has made Elevate a trusted advisor to so many people in New Zealand over the last sixteen years. As you’ll see, our trainings are not compromised, client results are excellent and we have a training methodology created for life-long results.



We understand how the brain learns and so we structure our trainings to ensure quality. This means the approach taken is more comprehensive and designed for life-long learning as opposed to 'tick-box-leadership-training'.

No Half Haircuts

Squeezing our bigger trainings into half-the-time, is a little like giving someone half a haircut. We just wouldn't do it! The brain is complex, sustainable results require a comprehensive approach that understands how the brain wires new information.

No Broad Brush

Broad brush leadership trainings attempt to cover too many themes and lack depth, meaning the application gets lost. Our trainings focus on specific leadership themes, so we can deep-dive into skills, methodology and robust application.

No One Gets Lost

Our open trainings have a maximum of twelve people on them, so no one gets 'lost in the crowd' and everyone gets the space to deepen their learning, have their needs met and engage fully in the training.

Learn more about our methodology and the results we get.


We've trained over 550 people, these are the stats direct from participants.


STRONGLY Recommended

"I would recommend this training to others"
11% Agree, 89% Strongly Recommend


TRAINER Walks-The-Talk

"David Savage used the skills he was training" 8% Agree, 92% say he "Fully walks the talk"



"I'm ready to apply the practical tools & skills" 
23% Agree, 76% "I'm Ready & Excited!"



One of the best trainings I've ever been - 29% agree, 71% say it's THE BEST EVER

"If anyone is looking for lessons in leadership, I would recommend Communication Leadership. Especially if you are or need to lead teams of people... the course helps us to understand and work with our differences and gives us the ability to collaborate for a win-win outcome, as well as getting our work done - if you have been thinking about it, do it now!" Laurie Foon

Regional Manager, SBN


An effective training is strong in content, training methodology and presence.


Learning by doing works, (sit-and-listen doesn't). We'll present a tool, demo how to use it and then get you to 'take-the-wheel'.

Embedding Strategies

It's not over when the training ends, we've added embedding strategies to help people leap in to action and apply their learning.

Layered Training

Each training module is layered into other modules giving you a package of tools that embed key leadership principles.

Brain-Based Training

Tools and skill-sets trained are partnered with an understanding of the brain, giving deeper insights without an academic overload.

Client Centred

These trainings are about you not a textbook,  your own experiences help you make sense of the content.

Business End

The tools and skills we train have a business-end... i.e. they lead into clear actions, owners and timeframes so that things get done.

Visual Workbooks

Our workbooks are styled on the slides you'll see as the training unfolds. This makes for easier referencing and 'glazed-eye' prevention.

Management Loop Leadership Training

Management Loop

On all our trainings, we establish a management loop, setting outcomes pre-training by the participant and their manager, ready for post training follow-up.


Pre-work Leadership Training


We understand that most people's work life is busy, we we keep the pre-work light but 'on the mark'. The pre-work helps participants bridge real work scenarios with what they'll learn on the training.


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