“ If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. ”




Real-world-ready skills and strategies to spark collaborative genius!

Drawn from seventeen years as a professional coach – including coaching high-performance Alliance teams – LEADING TEAMS is a portfolio of skills, tools and strategies designed for leaders who want to grow their team and get results. Through this training you’ll learn how to lead your team through change, increase performance, engage the ‘collective brain’ and put in to place the fundamentals of effective collaboration.

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Conflict Resolution Communication Training


Set the foundations for collaborative genius.

Courageous Conversations Communication Training


Engage the collective brain, design better solutions

Coaching Skills Communication Training


Don’t leave performance to chance, plan for peak performance.

Rapport Building Communication Training


Lead change, avoid drift and have everyone in the Waka

This is an intensive and highly practical training, which in essence teaches you many of the tools and strategies I’ve used as a coach and trainer over the last seventeen years, working with over seventy organisations. On this training you will grow your knowledge of the brain and leadership extensively, create your own action plan to enhance collaboration, learn strategies to engage the ‘collective brain’ and walk away with four practical tools to use with your team now and into the future.


Setting the foundations for collaborative genius.

Neuroscience of Collaboration

Identify the essential principles of collaboration, the neuroscience behind each and which principles to focus on to improve how your team works and achieves together.

Leverage Diverse Thinking

People think differently, and so channel that diversity into creativity – and away from conflict – via a simple set of team agreements and coaching questions.

Needs-based Success

Avoid collaboration dynamics that operate on a win-lose or harsh exchange basis. Instead establish collaborative relationships based on setting each other up to succeed and delivering on practical needs.

Tool: Executive Summary Stand-Up Tool

Take this comms tool back to your team to get everybody on the same page quickly and effectively. Increase focus, cohesion and the cross-pollination of ideas.


Focus your team on what’s possible and resolve what’s not working.

Setting a Team Solution Focus

Understand what neuroscience has taught us about solution focus and reflect in how you lead your team and what you expect from them.  


Structure team meetings to focus on solutions and avoid getting derailed by detail and drama. Master the art of facilitation to make meetings more meaningful and achieve positive outcomes.

Tool: The Six-Step Solution Process

Learn the ‘Six-step Solution Process’ to enable creative problem-solving, engage the collective-brain and get to solutions faster.


Don’t leave performance to chance, plan for peak performance

Peak Performance Planning

Measure your team against six key focus areas that are crucial for peak-performance, and design real-world strategies to lift performance where needed.

Performance Interference

With a focus on delivery, use a tool from sports psychology to identify interference and then game-plan to remove it.  

Tool: Performance Feedback

Take the sting out of performance feedback and use a light structure for the tougher conversations, where your team take the lead on making improvements.


Lead change, avoid drift and have everyone in the Waka

Communicate to Create Certainty

With change comes uncertainty. Learn key principles to offset that uncertainty and communicate to build trust and momentum.

Tool: Known Unknowns

Navigate and lead your team through times of change by facilitating the ‘Known Unknowns’ exercise. Establish common knowledge and set actions to get through change and safeguard performance.

Intentional Leadership

When leading change, align how you think with what you say and do, to deliberately model the right kind of change behaviours.

Visionary Leadership

Present the case for change via a communication model grounded in neurolinguistics. Share your vision of what could be, the value and road to getting there. Invite curiosity and enrol your team.



  • Full Four Day Training
  • Post Training Resources
  • Fully Catered

  • 200+ Page Workbook
  • Management Feedback Loop
  • Skills-Check List

  • Embedding Strategies
  • Completion Certificate
  • Take-away Tool Templates

#2: TRAINING + TEAM COACHING| $6,800+gst.

  • Full four-day intensive training with all the features as above

  • Three 1-2-1 coaching sessions post-training to support your implementation action plan

  • Full-day team coaching session to install key collaboration tools from the training

DISCOUNTS: 5% Early-bird discount when registered and paid two months in advance, 10% multiple person discount for three of or more people attending the same training from the same business, 20% discount when commissioning the course internally for a group of ten to twelve participants. Ask for more details.


We understand how the brain learns and so we structure our trainings to ensure quality. This means the approach taken is more comprehensive and designed for life-long learning as opposed to 'tick-box-leadership-training'.

No Half Haircuts

Squeezing our bigger trainings into half-the-time, is a little like giving someone half a haircut. We just wouldn't do it! The brain is complex, sustainable results require a comprehensive approach that understands how the brain wires new information.

No Broad Brush

Broad brush leadership trainings attempt to cover too many themes and lack depth, meaning the application gets lost. Our trainings focus on specific leadership themes, so we can deep-dive into skills, methodology and robust application.

No One Gets Lost

Our open trainings have a maximum of twelve people on them, so no one gets 'lost in the crowd' and everyone gets the space to deepen their learning, have their needs met and engage fully in the training.


How people describe Communication Leadership training.

An addictive and sumptuous mind explosion, Sav [David Savage] is a master at helping people to realise and reach their potential.

Heather Ritchie

Transpower, Project Systems Manager

Recognising the leadership role that today’s Project Managers have, we commissioned a fusion of David's trainings to run in-house for 43 Managers. The feedback has been exceptional and the results immediate.

Christian Carter

Transpower, PMO Manager

Blow your sox off – Another great course and positive experience again… Lots of practical, useable, understandable tools that you can take away and use. Excellent content and delivery. Empowering, excellent tools, grow your leadership skills in a practical and energetic way. Thanks Sav – another great course and positive experience again.

Prescott Jones

Statistics New Zealand, IT Manager

An amazing growth experience that will leave you with all the skills you need to ROCK!

Jay Devlin

Architect, Enterprise Architecture, Statistics New Zealand

David Savage is a compelling, approachable, effective leadership trainer, one who I can only recommend and do so without hesitation or doubt. I hope to work with David again.

Phil Bilbrough

Group Manager Marketing and Communications, Forest & Bird


Is this training the right for me?

This is one of a few trainings I run, so do look at the others to make sure you select the right one for you. For COMMUNICATION LEADERSHIP, do this training if you want to advance your skills to create both positive and innovative relationship, support others to excel and resolve conflict with confidence.

What's the value for my employer?
The research is clear, conflict in the workplace has a huge impact on performance – it dilutes task focus, people avoid each other, it hijacks others and has people looking for other employment. Communication Leadership gives individuals the skills and confidence to change this by turning conflict into collaboration. The value to employers is huge.

Will I find this training a challenge?
In short, if you’re not challenged by this training, I’m not doing my job. However, challenged to ‘stretch’ not ‘stress’. The goal is for you to leave this training excited by what you can achieve, which will potentially be more that you thought!

Why four days?
Four days is a chunk of time to be out of the workplace, but as with all my courses, I provide a quality experience not a tick box exercise. Leadership training works with the brain’s hardwiring and your hardwiring has be forming since birth (actually just before), and so if you want to achieve real development that’s sustainable, you need focused training that understands how the brain wires and rewires. A shorter training may tick the box, but I’d seriously question the quality.

How is the training structured?
Great question! Let me answer that using key principles that make up the structure…

1: Science base – You’ll hear the science behind each part of the content, not so much to feel lectured and academically drowned, but just enough to add to your insights and relate what you hear to your real life experience.

2. Form – As a leadership specialist, my training also includes Neuro Linguistics and brain-based training methodology. Broken down, it means I train according to how the brain learns … each part of the content is presented in terms of why it’s important, what the tool (or model or skill) is, how to apply it and how versitile it is. There’s a method here that makes it simple and accessible for you to have a comprehensive understanding of how a tool works and how to apply it.

3. Practical – Learn by doing. On my trainings you’ll be busy; I aim to minimise the ‘sit and listen’ parts and maximise ‘go do’ parts.

4. Layered training – This means that each part of the training connects to and builds on previous parts.

5. Meta training – In short, I model what I train as I’m training it … maximum sensory congruence!


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