I train and coach people. From CEOs and executives, new talent and business leaders to tech geniuses and environmental professionals – I help to develop leadership that creates new possibilities.

“David’s deep understanding and respect for the human spirit creates real and powerful coaching experiences!”

Gai Foskett, Business Coach

A unique set of life experiences, knowledge of the brain and a resolute commitment to walking the talk.

Leadership Under Pressure

My interest in the power of leadership and its potential for positive impact developed 20 years ago when I worked as a photographer documenting life around the world – from the townships of South Africa and the slums of Bangkok, to the Australian outback and riots in London.

This hard look at life showed me how people survive and persevere in realities very different to our own. I also witnessed how leadership can make a difference in the face of great adversity.

Leadership and the Brain

Our brains are complex so you shouldn’t trust just anyone with it. Many leadership approaches and change programmes fail because they only scratch the surface of why people behave the way they do.

I’ve worked and trained extensively with the internationally renowned Neuroleadership Group which brings a science based approach to achieving organisational change that resonates and lasts. Why? Because it takes into account the tricky nature of our brains and our innate responses to leadership approaches.

My Experience

I’ve worked with more than eighty organisations of all types and sizes facing a range of challenges and opportunities. This includes working directly with small and medium sized businesses, through to large scale multi-agency initiatives such as the $2.4bn infrastructure post-earthquake rebuild of Christchurch.

The tools and strategies I use with clients come from working in these high-performance collaborative environments where leadership is key.

NGO Support

Recognising that NGOs and Not-for-profits have the same leadership needs as any other business – but not the same budgets – I’ve made it my mission to work in the sector consistently over the last decade, supporting the likes of WWF NZ, Kaibosh, The Red Cross, Forest & Bird, The Sustainability Network and Predator Free New Zealand.

Tour Aotearoa

I’m not shy to take on my own challenges. This year I completed The Tour Aotearoa, a 3000km mountain bike ride over thirty-one days from Cape Reinga to Bluff. It was hard, and yet a great reminder of what I’m capable of.

Feedback | What people say

David is a fantastic coach! He is fully committed to you and provides a great support as a coach. He inspired me, challenged me and most importantly believed in me. If I am where I am now, it is thanks to David! 

Lena Arnera

Author, Graines de Leaders

David is a top quality coach. After every session I felt like my brain had been scrubbed and I was inspired each step of the way. David drew out the knowledge I had, and gave excellent input at the right times.

Jesse Pirini

Pracademic Edupreneur, Pencilcase

Every so often you meet someone who is truly remarkable – that is someone who is so incisive and insightful that you can’t help but remark about them to others. David is truly remarkable. 

Angus Bargh

Traffic Planning Manager, S.C.I.R.T.

David is an excellent leadership facilitator, with the ability to be flexible in his approach, yet meeting the objectives of the programme. He is able to seemingly get into the minds of the participants and work with them in highly positive, inspiring and encouraging manner. David seems to have an ability to make people believe in themselves – an essential quality for any leadership facilitator.

Seema Dao

Communication Manager, SPREP (Samoa)

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