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How will we get the
Crayfish now?

How a scuba diving emergency illustrates the key principles of Conflict Resolution.

How a scuba diving emergency illustrates the importance of ‘communication leadership’ under pressure. Audience are then asked to reflect on their own communication, use of language and look for how they can improve.

Cyclone Sailing

A strengths based-approach to navigating turbulent change.

Sailing out of a pre-cyclonic storm when the skipper has frozen and the yacht is taking on damage. How the strategies we use in a crisis demonstrate our ability to navigate turbulent change, and how they can be reapplied. Audience then looks at their own responses to change and reviews a strengths based approach.

Terminal (Mis)Diagnosis

Life and legacy after a terminal illness.
Lessons from being misdiagnosed with a terminal illness; what simplifies, what changes and what steps-up. Full article

Chaos and Collaboration

Understanding the human-dynamics of effective collaboration from a brain perspective.
10-14 volunteers are given a seemingly impossible task. When the achieve it in normally less than two minutes, there’s an air of disbelief. The wider audience then debrief on what made it work which pulls out key principles of collaboration which are then linked to neuroscience. Participants are then asked to consider how effective the principles are in their day to day work.

Need a specific theme for your event? These are some of the themes I’ve spoken on over the last few years. Get in touch and we can shape a speaking theme to perfectly fit your event.


  • 2017 Sales Team Conference, Martinborough – Staying Focused Under Pressure
  • 2016 Auckland Kindergarten Association – Human Centred Leadership
  • 2014 Hewlett Packard, NZ – Achieving goals, traps to avoid & strategies to use
  • 2013 Project Management Institute NZ, Wellington – Project Managers as Leaders
  • 2012 Leadership & Psychology Conference, Auckland – Leadership and the Social Brain
  • 2011 Kindergarten Association, Napier – Leadership and the Environment
  • 2010 Coachfest, Sydney – Coaching and the Social Brain
  • 2008 Coach Mecca, Queenstown – Coaching and the Social Brain
  • 2008 Project Management Institute NZ, Wellington – Leadership and the Social Brain


David Savage was a plenary speaker at our conference on Communicating in an Age of Authenticity, in August 2016. His interactive session, involving conference participants taking part in an activity on the stage, was one of the highlights of the day. He very effectively demonstrated, though group work and eliciting ideas from the audience, how powerful collaboration can be. Importantly, he related what was happening in real time to the themes of the conference. David is a great communicator, engaging and energetic. I’d recommend his interactive session to bring conferences or sedentary events to life.

Rachel Brown

CEO, Sustainable Business Network

David is a knowledgeable, skilled and articulate presenter who is “quiet leadership” personified.  We would thoroughly recommend him as a speaker for any organisation.

Rose Coppen

Education Specialist, Professional Practice, Auckland Kindergarten Association

David played a critical role in delivering on our values and vision for the 2017 Social Enterprise World Forum. He facilitated a very insightful session with 1600 delegates on the outcomes we collectively and individually wanted out of the three-day event, setting the tone, intentions and commitments. David also facilitated a day of discussions between leading NZ businesses around social enterprise and the opportunities it represents for the corporate world. Through the planning process, David took the time to listen us, to understand our big dreams for the event and to embrace our values and intent. It was a real pleasure to get to know David and to co-create his contribution to the Forum with him.

Helene Malandain

Project Director, Social Enterprise World Forum 2017



Lessons from being misdiagnosed with a terminal illness; what simplifies, what changes and what steps up.


How a scuba dive that went wrong illustrates key principles of conflict resolution.


Leadership doesn’t develop from a text book – it requires grazed knees and the power of insight.


How chaos theory, collective intelligence and quiet leadership combine to define key principles of collaboration.


How purpose is key to motivation and performance, and how it’s reshaping business globally.


How ancient Chi Kung and the Bamboo Principle defines everything we need to know about thriving under pressure.

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