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  • Understand the nature of change and better engage hearts and minds.

  • Navigate resistance and bringing people on board

  • Coach people to develop new ideas in tangible ways

  • Communicate the need for change and spark a collaborative approach to solutions

Value | To an organisation

‘We placed 23 Managers through the Innovation program. Our General Management Team were impressed by the range of informed ideas that came from the group, giving next-step approval to most. The value these new ideas hold for the organisation is concretely measurable. The thinking from the attendees has also enabled us to enhance current projects. As far as post-programme impact goes,  this is the most effective leadership program I’ve seen and the same is being said by the majority of the attendees.’

David Fuller

Business Transformation Manager, Transpower

Value | How one organisation evaluated this program …


Facilitator Knowledge & Delivery


Materials & Relevance


The session materials, essential for my success


Easy to be actively involved in the training

Value | In the words of participants

“A very intensive three day course that provided a range of tools and experience to assist in ideas flow and development. David Savage kept us engaged and actively participating at all stages in the course. It was a rewarding experience.”
Sharon Girvan

Governance Support Manager

“Very simple but powerful tools/techniques. Leading Innovation was one of the most useful/interesting courses I’ve done for a number of years. Excellent structure and facilitation”


"Fantastic facilitator, so skilled + personable. The best training experience I have had. So grateful for the opportunity. Absolutely fantastic!"

Ingrid Downey

Senior Analyst

Shape the approach, free consultation.

This program will adapt to meet the needs most important to your organisation. Step one is to shape the approach through a no-obligation consultation. We’ll then create a full proposal for your consideration.

Program features


We consult fully to ensure the program works for your Organisation and to help you get the most value possible from the ideas produced.


As an end-to-end program, good ideas are protected from falling off the radar and instead are coached through to integration.

Real Ideas

Far from being a theoretical exercise in innovation, participants generate REAL ideas that hold huge potential for their Organisation.

Senior Management

Senior Management are an integral part of the process; encouraging participants, adding value to ideas and offering direction.


Alongside the generation of ideas, participants train in key innovation principles and idea generation tools ready for workplace application.

Measurable Value

Ideas are mapped to the tangible value they offer – time, money & quality – with Management selecting best ideas to progress.


Embed a more innovative culture, with participants trained in idea generation and an end-to-end program that can be replicated.


Ideas travel through a number of stages to qualify value, finally Senior Management provide the ideas with most merit a green light to proceed.


Setting the program up to succeed, the consultation stage covers alignment to your business strategy ensuring best fit.

What’s covered on this program

Predictive Focus

Look at key global factors that will affect the future, and think through innovation with a predictive focus.

The Unfold Tool

Coach people to quickly shape their thinking around a new idea using The Unfold Tool, be coached yourself and experience how powerful it is.


Explore the effects of an idea across an Organisation, and begin mapping its fruition as a series of partnerships that bring it alive.

Idea Generators

Learn three different methods for generating new ideas quickly and effectively; customer focusBAU and future focus.

Communicating Ideas

Share new ideas using a specific communication structure that gets them understood and helps people to then ask informed questions.

End to End

Understand innovation as an end-to-end process, from pre-conception to refinement, dissemination and integration, and the role of leadership.

Early Critique

If ideas are going to evolve, they first need to be heard, and so removing idea-limiting roadblocks such as ‘early critique’ is essential.

Drivers for Change

Innovation often brings change, so with this in mind we look at ‘change drivers’ and how to work with them especially when leading change.

Leading Change

Going deeper, we look into human resistance to change, and what leaders can do to smooth the way and communicate change to others.

Idea Work-up

Take ideas that are given a ‘green light’ to the next level; develop action plans and begin the necessary partnerships to put the ideas into play

Force Field Analysis

Use a simple force-field model to analyse ideas in terms of resistances and attractors, see where the roadblocks are and apply solutions

Hybrid Thinking

Broaden thinking around what innovation is, see it in all forms, begin a process of Hybrid Thinking, putting information together in new ways.

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