Our trainings deep-dive in to specific leadership themes - this means we don't surface-skim the essentials - instead participants get to develop real expertise on essential aspects of leadership for life-long learning. With our coaching programmes, the emphasis is transformation and real-world value. 


Communication Training New Zealand

Communication Leadership TRAINING

Advanced Communication
& Conflict Resolution Training

Communication Training New Zealand

Leadership Intelligence TRAINING

Strengths-Based Leadership Development

Communication Training New Zealand


Helping teams optimise capability & performance 

Communication Training New Zealand

Leading Teams TRAINING

Essential collaboration strategies for Leaders

Communication Training New Zealand

Leading Innovation TRAINING

Generate new ideas, develop your people and embed innovation

Communication Training New Zealand

1-2-1 Leadership COACHING

Goal-Focused Coaching for bigger change and transformation


We understand how the brain learns and so we structure our trainings to ensure quality. This means the approach taken is more comprehensive and designed for life-long learning as opposed to 'tick-box-leadership-training'.

No Half Haircuts

Squeezing our bigger trainings into half-the-time, is a little like giving someone half a haircut. We just wouldn't do it! The brain is complex, sustainable results require a comprehensive approach that understands how the brain wires new information.

No Broad Brush

Broad brush leadership trainings attempt to cover too many themes and lack depth, meaning the application gets lost. Our trainings focus on specific leadership themes, so we can deep-dive into skills, methodology and robust application.

No One Gets Lost

Our open trainings have a maximum of twelve people on them, so no one gets 'lost in the crowd' and everyone gets the space to deepen their learning, have their needs met and engage fully in the training.

Learn more about our methodology and the results we get.

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