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Advanced Personal Communication & Conflict Resolution


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Rapport and the Brain

Build relationships with greater ease through increasing rapport. As a measure of presence, rapport is also an instrument to generate trust and a platform to confirm understanding. On this training we look at skills to increase rapport and how it can deescalate conflict. 

Problem Ownership Model

View problems in proportion and avoid being hijacked by drama. On this training, we look at applying ‘veto-power’ a method to figure our the best communication approach to problem solving.

Solution Focus

Communicate with a  solution focused mindset. Talk  possibilities and avoid getting trapped in problems. How we ask questions is essential to this, and its impact on emotions is fundamental to the quality of our conversations and relationships.

Structured I Message

Structure your message to raise issues without igniting needless conflict. Raising concerns with someone takes courage and our language is important. The ‘Structured I Message’ gives people good information to process and avoids language that will make things worse.

Avoid Roadblocks

Avoid communication roadblocks that escalate conflict and damage relationships. It’s normal to want to help others, but the way we help isn’t always useful. Get clear on 12 types of roadblocks, avoid them and instead take a coaching approach to helping.

Preserve Relationships

Apply skills in tough conversations that preserve and improve relationships. Learn how to be direct in your communication and at the same time build the relationship. It’s possible!

Establish Partnership

Transition from conflict to collaboration by establishing a partnership frame. People don’t like being told what to do, and so establishing partnership is all about working together.


Sometimes it’s not your problem, but you’re in a position to help others. Learn a mediation framework to bring people together.

Sensory Language

Yes, there are very different personality types and thinkers out there, but there are also ways to generate understanding that are simple and don’t require complex profiling tools. The use of sensory language is one such approach.

Emotional Self-Regulation

Retain your composure under pressure,  reduce strong emotions and get better outcomes. We cover five methods to staying centred under pressure, all of which are tried and tested in high-performance sports arena.

Break-State Questions

We’re all guilty at times of getting too focused on problems. In this training we look at ‘conversational reframing techniques’ to break a locked-state and think in lateral terms.

Listening Loud

Reduce factors that interfere with listening and learn more from every conversation. Our mind wanders, it’s normal, but we can train to bring it back into focus quickly to get far more out of what we hear.

Manage Strong Emotions

Communicate to defuse other people’s strong emotions and support centred thinking. Understand both language and the brain. Use this knowledge to take the heat out of conversations.

Establish Intent

We don’t always like what we see others do or say, but what if we jump to conclusions? Learn a technique to avoid assumptions and instead really understand what’s going on.

Redefine Conflict

Move conflict away from right/wrong stalemates and define practical needs to resolve. On Communication Leadership, we define the difference between ‘needs and values’ and with it we find pathways to better solutions.

8-Step Resolution Model

Move through the eight-step model to resolve bigger  conflict. These eight-steps draw from international peace process and gives you a framework to find win-win solutions

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