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Once you’ve submitted your registration, I’ll send you an email to confirm your place on the training plus an invoice that also confirms any eligible discount. If you encounter any issues regarding registration, just give me a call on 0211 336 334.
Plain English T&C's


As you'd expect, a few Terms and Conditions for the training you're registering for. I've endeavoured to keep them light and simple, yet if there's anything you need clarification on, just let me know and we can discuss.


If you are receiving a discount on the training, a prompt payment would be appreciated. If it's an early-bird discount, payment must be received at least four weeks before the start of the training.

Cancelling your place on the training

Given these trainings run on a small-group basis, once you've registered the course fee is non-refundable. If for any reason you can no longer attend this training you are most welcome to send someone in your place.

If the course is cancelled

I'll only cancel a course if I'm seriously ill, have a family crisis or if there's a natural disaster/serious weather event. Since 2011, it's never happened, but should it occur I'll set dates for a new course and transfer your registration or offer you a full refund.

Transferring on to a different course

If you need to transfer on to a different course, we can make that happen but there may be a charge to reflect the financial loss when someone transfers. 

  • Transferring within six weeks of the course date, transfer fee = 50% of the course fee*
  • Transferring within six weeks of the course date, but I find someone to take your place: 0% transfer fee
  • Transferring six weeks or more out from the course date: 0% transfer fee

*If you are needing to transfer because of a family bereavement or serious illness, the transfer fee would reduce to 20%. Just supply an official document (Doctor's note etc.) to confirm the reason. 


These trainings take a real-world approach, therefore at times you and other participants may choose to share real and sensitive scenarios on the training. With this in mind it's very important to respect each others confidentiality and not share details with other people outside of the training.


As with any training, they'll be a useful level of stretch and challenge. You must ensure that you're in a good state of mental, emotional and physical health to undertake this training.


As an intensive course, it's important that you're wanting to go through this training and are committed to your own development. If by any chance you're resistant to being on this training, it may not be for you, in which case contact me or talk further with your Manager to find some clarity.


To get the most out of this training, please plan for 100% attendance. If that's not possible, talk to me first before registering.

Is this a train the trainer course?

This training isn't a train-the-trainer course, and participants are not licensed to train others in this material. However, if you are wanting to do this, I'm happy to help you define a train-the-trainer type pathway in Neuro-Linguistics and Neuro-Leadership.


If you have any concerns about the training - before, during or afterwards - please talk to me directly and I'll work with you towards a resolution. With any concern, let me know what it is, how it affects you and your feeling around it so I can fully understand. If we're unable to reach an agreement, we can share the cost evenly between us for a neutral mediator to help us find a resolution.


By completing this registration form, you are accepting these terms and conditions.

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